8. Sınıf 8. Ünite İngilizce

Yayınlanma 8. Sınıf İngilizce Yazılı Soruları ve Testler

8. Sınıf 8. Ünite Testi

1.  ______ has she gone? 
 A) Whose
B) What
C) Which
D) Where
2.  She has ______ drink all the coke we have. 
 A) yet
B) already
C) too
D) ever
3.  I haven't been to London ______. 
 A) after
B) before
C) now
D) always
4.  - I don't like cucumber.
- ______, do I. 
 A) too
B) not
C) neither
D) enough
5.  ______ Sam and Kim visited their parents? 
 A) Has
B) Do
C) Does
D) Have
6.  Nobody ______ arrived yet. 
 A) has
B) hasn't
C) does
D) doesn't
7.  Sally ______ preparing a birthday party for his son. 
 A) has
B) is
C) have
D) does
8.  She has talked about these rumours ______. 
 A) yet
B) just
C) lately
D) neither
9.  - He is ill.
- I am ill, ______. 
 A) neither
B) to
C) two
D) too
10.  Mike ______ eaten his soup, yet. 
 A) isn't
B) haven't
C) doesn't
D) hasn't