8. Sınıf İngilizce Sorular 13

Yayınlanma 8. Sınıf İngilizce Yazılı Soruları ve Testler

Which word is an adjective?


A. book     B  good     C. slowly     D. at     E. read




02.  Which word can you put before any the following units?


....an exam   ....lunch   ....a lesson   ....a shower


A. write     B. have      C. eat     D. buy




03.  Fill the gap: I opened the door and went ............................... the garden.


A. on      B. away      C. for      D. into




04.  What is the best answer? What does your wife do?


A. She’s reading a book.


B. I don’t know what she’s doing


C. She’s a doctor.




05.  Which one is not correct?


A. When I get up I make my bed.


B. I made a mistake in my homework.


C. I want to make an appointment please.


D. I have to make my homework.




06.  Which sentence means: ‘I’m Chinese’?


A. I come to China.      B. I come from China.


C. I come into China.




07.  The answer is ‘Fifteen minutes.’ Choose the correct question.


A. How long does it take to get to the station?


B. How long takes it to get to the station?


C. How far to the station?




08.  A or B? "Come to my house tomorrow and .................................. ."


A. take your guitar with you.


B. bring your guitar with you.




09.  Here are some things people often do every day. Put them in order.


A. wake up      B. come home      C. go to bed


D. make dinner      E. go to work




10.  Which sentence is correct?


A. How you say ‘Hello’ in Japanese?


B. He said me his name.


C. He said that he wanted a drink.


D. Can you say me where the bus station is please?




11.  What do you do on a bicycle?


A. drive      B. take      C. ride      D. fly




12.  Find the best ending: This bad weather makes everyone feel sad, even ....................................


A. the dog!      B. the morning.      C. it is summer.




13.  Which season is before autumn?


A. spring      B. winter      C. summer




14.  Choose the best word to complete this sentence: "Petra is rich and doesn’t like cooking so she ............................... goes to restaurants."


A. hardly ever      B. often      C. rarely      D. never




15.  Which one of the verbs below can not be used to complete the sentence?:


I have ............... it.


A. bought      B. begun      C. thrown      D. chose      E. forgotten




16.  Find the best word to add to this group of uncountable words: sugar, traffic, news, weather, travel.


A. apples      B. luggage      C. shoes      D. plates




17.  Here are some adjectives to describe people. Which ones are negative?


A. nice      B. selfish      C. kind      D. horrible      E. wonderful




18.  Which one of the verbs below is not usually followed by ‘for’?


A. ask      B. belong      C. wait      D. pay




19.  Read these sentences: 1. You look unhappy. What has happened? 2. Be careful. The bridge looks unsafe. 3. She was unsure of the direction and she did not have a map. QUESTION: What does ‘un-’ mean when it is at the beginning of a word?


A. very      B. quite      C. not




20.  Look at the underlined words in these sentences: 1. I love sunny days when I can lie on a sandy beach. 2. Rainy days make me feel sad. QUESTION: These three words words have -’y’ at the end. What does ‘y’ do to a noun?


A. It makes an adjective from a noun.


B. It changes the meaning of the word.


C. It makes the meaning of the word stronger.