8.Sınıf Unit 3 - Improvingg One's Looks

Yayınlanma 8. Sınıf İngilizce Konu Anlatımı


I pay some attention to my appearance but not too much.

I pay a lot of attention to my face but I don't pay as much attention to my body.





If you have problems with your skin, firstly you should keep your skin clean. Secondly, you should use body care products. You should also sleep well and then, you should stop eating junk food. If you eat junk food, your skin will be oily and you'll have acne problems. Don't forget to use organic products.





You should stop eating junk food everyday because it is too dangerous for your health and skin.

"too" kelimesi kullanılarak, bahsedilen durumun  çok "aşırı" tehlikeli olduğu vurgulanmış. "Too + sıfat" kullanımıyla sadece çok olduğu değil, gereğinden fazla olduğu bildirilmiş oluyor.




Her skin is smooth enough. She doesn't  need to use any products.

"enough" kelimesi kullanılarak, bahsedilen durumun  "yeterli, yeteri kadar" yumuşak, düzgün olduğu vurgulanmış. "sıfat + enough" kullanımıyla miktarın yeterli olduğu anlatılmış olur.





Dikkat etmemiz gereken bir diğer nokta şudur: "too" sıfattan önce gelir ancak "enough" sıfattan sonra gelir.


Your skin is too dry.

My face is clean enough.


DermaHelp Gel can heal blemished skin and destryos infections. It also protects and rebuilds the natural structure of your tissue.

Do you eat healthy food? What else do you do for your health?

What are your hobbies? What are your favourite activities? Do you like music?

Do you have any advice for teenagers?

Do you have any special methods for skin care? Do you have any secret methods for skin care?