8. Sınıf Personality Types Konu Anlatımı

Yayınlanma 8. Sınıf İngilizce Konu Anlatımı

I am easy going and flexible. I'm good at analytical problem solving too. These are my strenghts.

My biggest weakness is that I am very bad at social skills. I don't have communication skills either.

These are my personal qualities. What about you? What are your personal qualities? Are you a team player? Do you have good communication skills?







Bazı ingilizce sıfatların zıt anlamlıları, yine bu kelimelerin başlarına "-dis, -im, -ir, -un" gibi ekler  eklenerek oluşturulur.


Important     unimportant

agree       disagree

countable   uncountable

possible   impossible

regular       irregular


Zıt anlamlıyı oluşturma konusunda yani hangi kelimeleri hangi ekler ile zıt anlamlı yapabileceğimiz konusunda belli bir kural yoktur.




Two strengths of Spotty are that he is hard working and he is friendly. Spotty can sometimes get upset easily. He sometimes misses small details too. Why don't you write your personal qualities and not Spotty's personal qualities?



I am always punctual and often careful. I'm always reliable and responsible. I sometimes am cheerful. I always try to be tactful. I'm not a very neat person, I'm rarely neat. I am rarely organised. I think I'm never sociable but I sometimes am adaptable. I am often hardworking. I am rarely outgoing but I'm always polite. I sometimes am noisy. I am always independent, practical and honest.



I'm very independent beacuse I don't like to give information to other people about myself and my activities. 



-I am not sociable. I can't start a conversation with people I don't know. I think I don't like talking to people.

-You should often try to express yourself to other people.  I think you should try harder to start conversations. You will enjoy talking to different people.

-I think you are right. Thanks for the advice.


Atakan:I think Murat is really hardworking. He is very disciplined too. This makes him very reliable and  responsible. I think Murat can be more cheerful and sociable.

Merve: Do you think Atakan is right, Murat? Are you hardworking, disciplined, reliable and responsible but not cheerful and sociable?

Murat: Hmm. I think he is right in my strenghts but I don't think I'm not sociable. I have many friends and I can make new friends easily too. I agree that my weekness is that I'm not cheerful.

Murat: You can pay attention and try to be more cheerful. You should smile and laugh more often.

Atakan: She is right, Murat. It's not very hard. Just turn that frown upside down.

Murat: You mean I should smile all the time? For example, should I smile now too?

Merve: Yeah, why not? You should always have a smile on your face.

Murat: Ok, I'll try..

Atakan and Merve: Very good. Good job!

I like my sister very much. She is very honest and reliable but she sometimes interrupts people while they are talking. It is very rude to interrupt people. She shouldn't do that.