7.sınıf 2012-2013 ingilizce yazılı soruları

Yayınlanma 7. Sınıf İngilizce Yazılı Soruları ve Testler



The Second Term The Second Written Examination For Grade 7


Name:                      Surname:                Number:       Class:      Score:100/______


A. Doğru olanı yuvarlak içine alın:    (10x2=20 pts.)

  1. He was very funny when he was a child. He can /could make me laugh a lot.
  2. How many languages can/could your mother speak when she was young?
  3. Einstein couldn’t /can’t speak until he was four.
  4. Hadise is a singer. She could/can sing songs well.
  5. When I was a little child I couldn’t/can’t sleep in the darkness.
  6. Leonardo da Vinci could/can write with one hand and draw with other at the same time.
  7. Emre Belözoğlu can/could play football well. He is the best footballer in Turkey.
  8. Greg can’t/couldn’t speak a foreign language when he was seven years old.

9.    When the scientist found Moglie in the forest he can/could only shout and cry.

10. Moglie can/could read newspaper now.


B. Diyaloğu okuyun ve doğru olan seçeneği işaretleyin ( 1x10=10 pts. )

Tessa: Where was / were you last summer?

Stacy: I was / were in Italy.

Tessa: Who was / were you with?

Stacy: I was/were with my cousin Jack.

Tessa: Was / Were  your parents with you?

Stacy: No, they wasn’t / weren’t. It was / were a youth camp. It was/were very enjoyable.

Tessa: What was / were the weather like there?

Stacy: It was / were hot and sunny.

Tessa: Cool !


C. Past Simple Tense(Geçmiş zaman) kurallarına gore boşlukları doldurun:    (2x5=10 pts.)


1. My father ___________ ( go ) to İzmir last week.

2. She ___________( not study ) her lessons last night.

3. Elif ____________( have ) her breakfast two hours ago.

4. _______ the dog ________ ( eat ) its food?

5. ______ you _________ ( finish ) your project yesterday?


D. Tablodaki düzensiz fiillerin geçmiş zaman hallerini (past simple V2) yazın:

(10x2=20 pts.)

























E. Cümleleri parantez içindeki işaretlere göre tekrar yazın: ( 2x10=20 pts.)

1. They used to grow vegetables.


________________________________ ( - )


________________________________ ( ? )




2. He didn’t use to live in a city.


______________________________ ( + )


_____________________________  ( ? )


3. There didn’t use to be cinema in the past.


________________________________ (+)


________________________________ (?)


4. Girls used to wear elegant dresses.


________________________________ ( - )


________________________________ ( ? )


5. Did you use to play tennis in 1950s?


_______________________________ ( + )


_______________________________ ( - )


F. Doğru olan seçeneği işaretleyin:

(10x2=20 pts.)

1. When I saw a UFO, ______________.

a)     I can use a computer

b)     I started to scream

c)     I will go to zoo

d)     I am drinking milk.


2. When I ____ Mary, she ____ in the canteen.

 a) saw/ was             

 b) see/will               

 c) am seeing/ is       

 d) sees/ does


     3. Mike wasn’t at school ________

a)     tomorrow             b) now

c)     last week              d) next week


4. . It _____ very hot today but it ______ very cold yesterday. 

a) can/was     

b) isn't/ isn't        

c) is/was      

d) was/didn't


5. I was at school an hour ____ but I am at home_________.

  a)  yesterday/now  

  b)at the moment/last   

  c) next/yesterday  

 d) ago/now


6. My sister is a singer but she can't __________ her own music.

 a) compose               b) send               

 c) invent                   d) discover


7. At the _______ of four, I could read newspapers.

    a) job      b) name       c) age        d) front


8. Aşağıdaki cümlede numaralandırılmış kelimelerden hangisi fazlalıktır.

I could speak English when I was

                 1                2          3

ten yesterday.


a) 1          b) 2         c) 3             d)4


9. Did you use to drink milk when you were 2?

    a) No, I did.           b) Yes, I did.    

    c) Yes, I am.          d) Yes, I was.


10. People _________ live in apartments 200 years ago.

    a) used to              b) use to            

c) didn't use to         d) didn't used to



Oval Belirtme Çizgisi: GOOD LUCK!!!