İngilizce Testi

Yayınlanma 7. Sınıf İngilizce Yazılı Soruları ve Testler

1. You can go this place ______ foot.

A) by

B) in

C) on

D) at

2. Asia is a great ______.

A) city

B) country

C) continent

D) village

3. ______ you interested ______ drawing?

A) Do / in

B) Do / at

C) Are / at

D) Are / in

4. Sam ______ watching horror films.

A) hates

B) hate

C) don't hate

D) isn't hating

5. This city is famous ______ its colourful flowers.

A) in

B) at

C) from

D) for

6. ______ would you like to meet with?

A) Where

B) Whose

C) Who

D) When

7. You ______ swim in this pool.

A) are

B) does

C) can

D) is

8. ______ there a library in this city?

A) Are

B) Do

C) Is

D) Does

9. ______ you tell us the way to the bank?

A) Are

B) Could

C) Is

D) Does

10. ______ you enjoy playing the guitar?

A) Does

B) Do

C) Are

D) Is