7.Sınıf İngilizce Unit Four

Yayınlanma 7. Sınıf İngilizce Konu Anlatımı

People use computers to do their jobs or to have fun. There are small computers in cars, microwave ovens, atm machines and mobile phones. Computers keep knowledge in their memory.

Computers can keep knowledge in their memory but they can't think. They can only do what they are programmed to do. They cannot learn new things themselves because they are not living beings. They can process knowledge very fast but they can't see, smell or hear things without special equipment.

-Which car is better for you?

-Car A is better for me because Car B is too expensive for me.

-You are right. Car B has got a smaller engine. It is more economical. Car A is older but it is faster because its engine is bigger.





Fatih is 12 years old. Cem is 15 years old.

Fatih is older than İsmail.

Bu cümleleri incelersek, "Cem'in, Fatih'ten daha yaşlı olduğu" manasını anlarız. Bu yönteme "comperative" deriz. Bu yöntem ile, iki nesneden "daha üstün" olanını gösteririz.

That ball is smaller than my ball.


This tree is taller than that tree.

Your car is faster than my sister's car.




İki ayrı şeyi biribiriyle kıyaslamak için ingilizce dilbilgisinde Comperativeler kullanılır. 


Tabloda iki isimi nasıl kıyasladığımıza bakalım:




özne (1. isim)yüklem

sıfat veya zarfın


comparative hali


thannesne (2. isim)

Cows are bigger than dogs.



Genellikle, comperative yapmak için sıfata "-er" eklenir. Uzun kelimelere ise, ek koymak yerine comperative yapmak için için önlerine "more" eklenir.

Şimdi en sık kullanılan sıfatların comperative hallerini tablomuzda gösterelim.







Çoğu kısa sıfata "-er" ekleriz. old






great older







Bazı sıfatlarda ses uyumundan dolayı biraz farklı kullanımlar görülebilir. safe


large safer





funny busier




hot bigger


Uzun kelimelerin başına comperative için "more" eklenir. important



carefully more important

more expensive

more difficult

more carefully

Düzensiz bazı sıfat ve zarflar good



much/many better




A bus is longer than a taxi.


A train is longer than a bus.




Computer for sale:

2.0 Ghz processor, 1024 mb Ram....

You can search for information on the internet. You can also search pictures on internet too.

Rosy needs information about recycling. She can find it on search engines. She must write "recycling" in the box  in the search engine and press "go".



Surfing is a water sport. While surfing, you use a board to stay on water when its wavy. Big waves carry you on the water.

Only all inclusive hotels give lunch. They are Club Melissa and Moonlight Hotel. They are on the beach too.

I like to go to Hilton Hotel. It is all inclusive and costs 150 Liras. It's near the city center and there are 200 rooms, rastaurants and swimming pools. The rooms are very comfortable.

The Paradise Hotel is cheaper than Sunset Inn.

Club Melissa is more expensive than Moonlight Hotel.

Moonlight Hotel also has more restaurants than Sunshine Hotel.

Only Paradise Hotel has fewer rooms than Moonlight Hotel.



-Here are a list of hotels. We should choose now...

-How about Sunset Inn? It is just £50.

-Has it got a swimming pool?

-Yes, but it is breakfast only.

-Hmm. I think Deep Blue Hotel would be better because it has got breakfast and dinner. There are restaurants and thermal pool too.

-Is it expensive?

-Not much, It's just twenty pounds more expensive than the Sunset Inn.

-That's OK. Let's make a reservation.

-What shall we buy for Ayşe then?

-We can buy a doll or we can buy a painting book with crayons.

-Good idea!


-What shall we buy for Ahmet then?

-We can buy a book or a cd. We can also buy a nice pen.

-I think he prefers toys.

-Why don't we buy him a remote control car?


Villages are cheaper and quieter than cities. Cities are always noisy. Cities are bigger but villages are cleaner. Do you think a village is safer too? They are safer because they are smaller than cities.




Cities are more expensive than villages. Cities are more dangerous too but city life is also more exciting than village life.






Fruits are healtier than sweets but sweets are more delicious than fruits.

A car is faster and more expensive than a bike.

Caravans are more comfortable than tents but tents are cheaper than caravans.

A house is bigger than a flat. A house in a village is also cheaper than a flat but a flat is more modern than a house.