6. Sınıf İngilizce performans ve proje ödevi konularıı

Yayınlanma 6. Sınıf İngilizce Performans ve Proje Ödevleri

6. Sınıf İngilizce performans ve proje ödevi konuları

1. Bir insanı tanıyabilmek için kişiye yönelik sorular sorulması (Creating a survey )


2.Countries ( ülkelerin tanıtımı )


3. Jobs ( mesleklerin tanıtımı )


4. Fashion Style ( describing clothes with pictures or names of clothes )


5. Writing an article about teenager in your country about their pocket money and what they spend their money on.


6. Write a paragraph about you and your family . What were you /they doing yesterday at 7 – 8 ( using Past Cont. )


7. Describe a natural disaster or if you eye witness to one write about it.


8. Write an article about you and when you were a child ( used to – didn’t use to )


9. Create your own comic strip and write a dialogue on it.


10. Writing next week’s horoscope as funny as possible ( Future Tense )


11. Design a home page for your web-site about a famous city in your country.


12. Imagine you are on holiday. Write a letter to your friend. ( Where you are with who ? .. ) or a postcard.


13. Choose a river in your country .Use photos, maps,encyclopedias , atlases to write a text about it.( its source,places it flows through )


14. Write your own joke.


15. Create an advertisement for a product or a place ..etc. Write an advert for it.Record it just like a radio advert.


16. the Eco-Friendly Poster ( Making a poster to protect our world,tree, plastic, recycle…. )


17.Write rules of your house , pool , hospital…. Using Must and Have to …


18. Create new dialogues and shoot a film of them.


19. Find your own intelligence and describe it using example from yourself and your life .


20. Searching Halloween , Easter , Christmas …..


21.Making dialogues about people meeting.


22.Desribing your house and room ( using have got / has got )


23. Creating your own family web page.


24.Make an interview with someone and change it into an article about him / her , write his/her everyday activities ( likes , dislikes )( Simple Present )


25. Make a poster of typical houses in your country or a Gaziantep House. Write sentences about their features. ( use house vocabulary )


26. Draw a map or find a map of your city . Write a short text about your city and its tourist attractions. Write dialogues about asking and giving directions on the map. ( Prepositions of place )


27.Preparing a quiz about your country ( its population ,lakes,mountains … ) using Comparative and Superlative.


28. Write your own diary in English using simple past.


29. Collect information about a famous person and write a short text about him / her. ( Simple Past )


30. Creating an almanac which took place in the 1990’s ( Simple Past )


31. Describe your favorite toy or game and say how one can play with it