Unit 16 - Different Life Styles 1

Yayınlanma 6. Sınıf İngilizce Konu Anlatımı

Different Life Styles, Farklı Yaşam Tarzları anlamına geliyor.  Şimdiki ingilizce dersimiz üç farklı yaşam tarzlarından bahseden üç ayrı paragraf ile ilgili olacak.




-Hello Jin.


-Where are you from, Jin?

-I am from Korea.

-Where is Korea?

-It is in the far east of Asia.

-Is it very hot in Korea?

-No, Not really.

-What's the climate like in Korea?

-It is very similar to Türkiye. We have four seasons in Korea too but we have a lot of rainy days.

-What sort of clothes do you wear in Korea?

-People in villages wear traditional long and wide dresses. They have beautiful colours and shapes on their clothes too.

-What sort of food do you eat?

-We love rice. We use rice a lot. We like seafood too. We prepare our meals with different spices and sauces.

-Oh that's very good. Nice to meet you Jin.

-Nice to meet you too.