Unit 4 - Daily Life and Routine 1

Yayınlanma 6. Sınıf İngilizce Konu Anlatımı

Bu dersimizde günlük hayatta yaptığımız rutin şeylerden bahsedeceğiz. Tablodaki saatlerin ingilizce 'de nasıl söylendiğine bakalım.




It's seven o'clock.

It's seven am.


It's five past seven.


It's ten past seven.


It's quarter past seven.


It's half past seven.


It's a quarter to eight.


It's ten to eight.


It's twelve o'clock.

It's noon.

It's midnight.


It's eight o'clock.

It's nine pm.





On weekdays, I get up at half past eight. I put on my clothes and have breakfast. I leave my house at ten to nine. I walk to my school. School starts at a quarter past nine. I have my lunch at noon. I go home at half past two. I finish my homework at half past three and go out to the park. I play with my friends in the park every day for two hours. I get home at quarter to six. We have dinner at six o'clock. Then I spend time with my family and go to bed at half past eleven.



Every morning I...

get up, put on my clothes, take a shower, have breakfast, brush my teeth and leave for school.


My family and I live in a small house in İstanbul. We get up at seven every day and have breakfast together at half past seven. My father goes to work at ten to eight. My sister leaves the house with him. I stay at home until a quarter past eight. Then I go to school.

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