5. Sınıf 10. Ünite Testi 1

Yayınlanma 5. Sınıf İngilizce Yazılı Soruları ve Testler

1. Bugs Bunny can play ______.

A) basketball

B) rugby

C) volleyball

D) tennis

2. Sponge Bob ______ in the sea.

A) living

B) lively

C) lives

D) live

3. Popeye ______ lift heavy things.

A) don't

B) is

C) can

D) haven't

4. ______ Scooby-Doo like watching movies?

A) Do

B) Is

C) Does

D) Has

5. Winnie the Pooh ______ a bear.

A) can

B) is

C) are

D) do

6. Batman ______ black clothes.

A) wears

B) wear

C) wearing

D) don't wear

7. Jerry is a little ______.

A) mice

B) dog

C) dogs

D) mouse

8. Tweety is a ______ canary.

A) black

B) red

C) yellow

D) blue

9. Duffy Duck ______ love Bugs Bunny.

A) don't

B) isn't

C) doesn't

D) aren't

10. Superman ______ got a red cloak.

A) has

B) is

C) have

D) does