5. Sınıf 8. Ünite Testi 1

Yayınlanma 5. Sınıf İngilizce Yazılı Soruları ve Testler

1. ______ you like cheese?

A) Are

B) Do

C) Is

D) Have

2. I ______ like carrots.

A) am not

B) do not

C) is not

D) have got

3. ______ do you like eating?

A) Whose

B) What

C) Love

D) Have

4. They ______ playing basketball.

A) liking

B) love

C) loves

D) likes

5. I like watching TV at ______.

A) school

B) library

C) shop

D) home

6. We like ______ milk.

A) drink

B) drinks

C) drinking

D) to drink

7. I ______ swimming.

A) hates

B) hating

C) to hate

D) hate

8. I like running ______ walking.

A) but

B) not

C) and

D) an

9. We hate apples ______ we love oranges.

A) got

B) not

C) but

D) by

10. ______ likes cycling?

A) Where

B) Whose

C) How long

D) Who