5.Sınıf İngilizce 1.Ünite

Yayınlanma 5. Sınıf İngilizce Konu Anlatımı


-Who's Sarah?

-Sarah is my new e-friend.


-How old is she?

-Sarah is eleven years old.


-Where is she?

-She's in Birmingham city.


-Is Birmingham a small city?

-No, Birmingham is a big city. There are a lot of factories in Birmingham.


-What nationality is she?

-She's British.


-Has she got sisters and brothers?

-Yes, she has got two sisters and three brothers.


-What's the weather like in Birmingham?

-It's not very warm. It's rainy and windy.




Daha önceki ingilizce derslerimizde öğrendiklerimizi hatırlamış olduk.





Soru sormak ve cevaplamak


-What is your name?

-My name is Timur.


-Where is your book?

-My book is in my bag.


-How old are you?

-I am thirteen years old.








Have got, has got

I have got a black pen.

My father has got a car.





There is, there are


There is a ball in the box.


There are dolls on the bed.






Tekil şeylerden bahsederken "There is"


Çoğul şeylerden bahsederken "There are" kullanmalıyız.






Çağatay is twelve years old.

Melis isn't twelve years old. She is eleven years old.

Kemal has got a big family. He has got three sisters and five brothers.

Neşe is very tall. She isn't fat.