Yayınlanma 4. Sınıf İngilizce Konu Anlatımı



There are three cows, a sheep and three chickens in the farm.

There are bears, lions and tigers in the zoo.




-How many bears are there in the zoo?

-There are four bears  in the zoo





-Is there a horse in the farm?

-Yes, there is.





-Where are the tigers?

-They are in a cage.

-What colour is a tiger?

-It is orange, black and white.





-Are the lions in a cage too?

-Yes they are.







I have got twelve books in my bookcase.

There are thirteen monkeys in the zoo.

There are sixteen buttons on my telephone.







-Has a donkey got four legs?

-Yes, a donkey has got four legs. A horse has got four legs too.