3. Sınıf -Toys

Yayınlanma 3. Sınıf İngilizce

Toys - Oyuncaklar
ball: top
plane: uçak
car: araba
bcycle: bisiklet
teddy bear: peluş ayı
doll: oyuncak bebek
kite: uçurtma
rubber duck: plastik ördek
-I have got a ball, a car, a plane and a bicycle.

I haven't got a doll or a kite.

-What is your favourite toy?-My favourite toy is my black ball.

-Have you got a robot Aykut? -No, I haven't got a robot. I have got a rubber duck.

-What colour is your rubber duck? -My rubber duck is green.

-Is there a doll in your room Aygün? -Yes, there is. I have got three dolls.

-What colour is your favourite doll Aygün? -My favourite doll is pink.
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-Where are your clothes?-They are on the bed. -Put your clothes in the wardrobe.

-Where is the dustbin? -It is next to the chair.

-Is your teddy bear brown? -Yes it is. -Is it tall? -No it isn't. My robot is tall.

-Have you got a big yellow bike? -No, I have got a small red bike.